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Tobacco and me

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Tobacco has been a part of our culture since a long time. Walk into a traditional household in certain parts of India and you will alwys spot the paan box. Women have paan with betelnuts and perhaps a hint of tobacco over a rich round of gossip. While men chew on it to spit the farthest, perhaps.
Whether its bidis or raw tobacco or creamy snuff,or cigarettes,it is the one stimulant most Indians can’t do without.
So much so, that paans are named after the type of tobacco used. And paan shops are big business. You can even order paan on the net now.They all feature a webpage, or two. Some booming ecommerce sites, sell paan today.
In rural India,people make a living from selling tobbacco and the tendu leaves that are wrapped into bidiis- so cheap, and popular in our country.
Not that I am defending tobacco. Far from it. I should know better. My grandfather died nineteen years ago from mouth cancer. And he used to have a special tobacco paan more then once a day.And yes, tobacco was probably the cause. And the cigarettes might  one day kill me too, if I am allowed to live that long,that is.Or you for that matter.
But tobacco is a stimulant we Indians cannot quit.Or is it?

Written by Karuna

November 13, 2005 at 8:31 am

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