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Tell it to the trees

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Magpie robins, tickells flowerpeckers, sunbirds, hummingbirds,shrikes…they are all out in full splendour. Winter’s here. And they want to be seen,it seems! Kites are hovering in the skies , fighting, staking their territorial claims!

And all this on busy roads. All they need is a few trees. How long will these last though? Not long, esp. if we cannot build our roads around them. Not long, if we chop down a 100 years of growing trees. Someone once said that "when you have a problem. Just go and tell the trees. They take it all in…" Perhaps the whisper of their breeze will calm you down. Perhaps the leaves will shake off your troubles. And the birds might tell you what to do.

Yes, these are the mute (or perhaps not so mute) witnesses to the days of the Raj! Perhaps even the mughals before them and probably even the rajputs. The Chipko movement evolved for these trees.People have died for these trees. Do we need to chop them down? Perhaps, I should ask the trees this.


Written by Karuna

November 26, 2005 at 6:13 am

Posted in Idea Space

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