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Eats, shoots and leaves makes sense too.

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Eats,shoots and leaves. Eats shoots and leaves. Both make sense. There really was no need for LynneTruss to delete the comma here. Had she looked at it from an environmental perspective,then the pandas might just do that. Except that the panda might use stones,pellets or spit perhaps.

Infact, by itself, this could even apply to photographers. Eats, shoots and leaves. That is what most photograpers do, esp. on a shoot.

But,yes, grammer has a context. You cannot restrucure at will,without understanding the context. And it is only when Lynne put this in a context, that her comma deletion made sense. Random restructuring just to prove that she knew her grammer would not have helped.

The guru said,"Keep an open mind." Unless you listen actively, you will not grow. Listening can also be passive. Take it all in-like a sponge, except that the sponge is full of holes. Take it in like a sieve and you can retain the finer points and throw out the chaff.



Written by Karuna

December 18, 2005 at 2:41 pm

Posted in Books

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  1. Hi Karuna! I liked your blog. I visited your website as well. keep it up! Ruma.


    December 18, 2005 at 5:49 pm

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