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"Chutzpah! He has chutzpah", the girl screamed excitedly. Hell! 
"I had no idea!", I said. Just to go along with her.
But privately, men with the ‘chutzpah’, or as the dictionary defines it,’the gall’ or ‘the nerve’ to do and say stuff, are better then the gutless ones, don’t you think? By gutless,I mean those who don’t even have the guts to sound foolish on the phone. Chutzpah is preferable, I guess. Unless you take it so far, that you are one of those ‘oh so strong, come-on types’, who most women would really dislike. Chutzpah does not mean a ‘deliberate swagger’ or making tall claims and leering at women! That my folks, is the cheap stuff, that roadside romeo’s are so full of. Chutzpah is perhaps wearing your heart on the sleeve and having the guts to state your mind! But, come to think of it, most men are no better then those roadside romeos’ (who definitely can do without all the chutzpah).

Meanwhile this girl was still describing chutzpah.To her, this obviously meant the stuff that I just described – this abhorrent roadside romeo tactics. Women like that, I guess. Atleast, some seem to. I don’t. Do you?

Written by Karuna

February 12, 2006 at 12:58 pm

Posted in Humour

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