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And the coverage post the deal!

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The American presidents visit to India or rather the resultant nuclear deal seems to have invoked mixed reactions in the US. As the Slate magazine describes it – "India Bummer?"
Boy o boy! After an exciting S.Asian ‘Newsweek’ issue on "India Rising", peppered with comments, articles and the right kind of pictures (to lend it the ‘tandoori flavour’) – this is a twist in the tail. Expected perhaps, after all the American press is known to regularly bash the Indians- well occassionally at least. But the "India Bummer?" What kind of headline is that?More of an opinionated, crass outburst(?) which simply ventures a probable insight and hints at how ..uhm..’boring’ the visit was. Well, all business trips are that or ought to be( ? )- bummers!
Oh well – it just gives an idea of the coverage the deal has got in the US. Read it if you can. Some interesting links there.

Written by Karuna

March 6, 2006 at 3:34 pm

Posted in News and politics

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