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The sun on beach

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A slow lazy afternoon…the sun blazed gloriously, as the dog flopped around on the grass, with its sweaty tongue hanging out of its mouth. A couple of butterflies twittered around the tall red and yellow lilies. Otherwise, nothing seemed to be astir, not even the smallest of  breezes.
A car came to a screeching halt somewhere. Doors banged and pieces of conversation drifted around the air for a while. But those too faded away, as the people probably moved into the cool lobby of the resort.
Just across the park was a tiny gate, which led to the calm desultory sea. The bright rays bounced off the creamy sand and the white pebbles. A couple of beach bums were still loitering around, hoping to salvage some interesting thingies that the morning busload of tourists may have left behind.
The hot summer afternoons with a slow rise in temperatures,  kept even the flies away.
In the distance, I could hear some faint strains of what sounded like reggae music. It slowly got louder and another beach bum appeared with a black sleek cassette recorder. Dressed in bright flouroscent green slacks, he also carried with him a basket full of wine bottles. He came in through the park gate and planted himself onto one of the beach chairs, strewn randomly in the resort’s park.
Soon enough, he uncorked a bottle and emptied its contents. The music continued to play and he continued to drink. A resort attendant came out and watched him for a while. However, a mere shake of his hand sent him scuttling back into the hotel. Soon enough, the dog wandered over and squatted on its hindlegs in front of him, with its tongue hanging out. The ‘bum’ threw an empty bottle at him. He licked it dry and kept licking it, like the drunken dog that it was.
A drunken dog, a drunkard and reggae – was I in India? Perhaps not…maybe this was Hawaii or the Bermudas or worse. To add to the atmosphere was a sweet, heady smell of some tropical flower(probably just jasmine), freshly chopped pineapple , coconut and groundnut. Could we get more tropical? I wonder.
All I needed was another sip of the pina colada, before I too slipped away into a dreamy haze of an afternoon nap on the beach. This was a heavenly holiday indeed.

So, is that what made you go green with envy, huh?


Written by Karuna

May 15, 2006 at 11:22 am

Posted in Idea Space

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