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A well trodden path opened up as the mists cleared the air. Soft moisture droplets rested on the myriad plants along the path. Small mud puddles and slippery pebbles were strewn across the entire trail. I made my way past the narrow bends and trails, climbing higher and higher. And I was glad I did.
The flat table top stretched into the mists. Beyond the edge was a sheer drop. Looking down would have made anyone giddy. The mists lifted a little to reveal stretches of mountains. Occassionally, the clouds rolled by.
I breathed in some fresh air and sweet scent of the mountains.
The complete peace was in such stark contrast to the noise in the cities.A silence which allows you to commune with nature and with the gods. 
The beauty about the mountains is in the silence at the top. Life exists peacefully, noiselessly. Plants grow, birds wing by, and perhaps wanderers like me occassionally climb to the top.Somewhere in the background, the sound of water gurgling past rocks and
pebbles and down the mountain, penetrated through the mists.
I found my way to the well hidden cottage.I sat on the porch, breathing in the beauty of the scene.
The wet grass waved slowly in the breeze.
As the day passed slowly into noon, some mild sun rays penetrated through the mist, the only indication that the hours were passing. Occassionally, a kite screeched by. Or a bird whistled slowly. The noon passed into evening and I still sat there and meditated. Noon gave way to night.
The darkness enveloped me in an instant. In the far distance, I could see tons of glowing stars. The skies were incredibly clear at night. Almost no mist. No rain. Just the stars and a bright moon. The constellations twinkled brightly across the wide navy blue skies. The moon turned pink and grey at the edges when an occassional cloud crossed over. Playing hide and seek. It seemed as if the light had been dimmed for a while, until the cloud passed by completely.
Just a day and a night, and an entire lifetime seemed to have been spent. Yes, the days were all the same here on the mountain top. Each and everyone of them. Just the quiet knowledge, that time stood still in a strange way for me.
And today, I silently thank the doctor who had operated on my legs and enabled me to walk and to climb up so high today.

Written by Karuna

June 30, 2006 at 6:38 am

Posted in Idea Space

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