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Terror, fear and panic are the only words to describe what I felt when I heard about the bomb blasts. Thirteen years later, serial bombers have struck Mumbai yet again. Struck at the heart of the working people’s spirit, which was the real target.
Serial bombings are not new to the Mumbaikar. Nothing really is. And if these shrewd people believed that they have succeeded in blackmailing and terrorizing people yet again, then they have miserably failed.
While they may have held a city at ransom for a few hours, it will most definitely not stop the wheels from turning. These kind of attacks cannot essentially harm Mumbai anymore. Nor can they terrorize the rest of this country.
Whoever these people are, I pray to god that they realise the error of their ways. They need to realise that in a democracy, tolerance is the only value that counts. If these people have demands, let them speak through proper channels and the freedom granted to them by this country’s democratic norms. If they are really fearless, let them speak up. This is an act of cowardice and not bravado. This kind of act does not save anyone – nor does it make martyrs of anyone- it will only serve to harm the perpetrators of this act.

Written by Karuna

July 12, 2006 at 1:18 pm

Posted in News and politics

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  1. as long as humans exist, terrorism will continue……in one form or other….neither u can stop it nor u can destory it…


    July 17, 2006 at 2:51 pm

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