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Stoic or hedonist – who is worse?

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Which is worse? Stoicism or hedonism?
Stoicism might make you a martyr some day or you might die an unknown death. No one will care, not even you.
As a hedonist, you can become the Nero who fiddled while Rome burnt. (What happened to him, by the way?) But assuming, that you might die in the process, you will die pleasurably.
In short, you can die and still no will care. Except you.
So, I guess both are the same. Whichever makes you happy, will be the better choice, I guess. Ultimately the only purpose you serve by dying happy, is that you will not have an afterlife. Your soul probably won’t haunt and you will let the earthlings be. ;- ) Provided that you fulfill all your wishes before you die. Otherwise, you might have a wonderful afterlife. If hedonism continues in after life…?
Would stoics change their choice when they die? I wonder. What if a stoic becomes a hedonist in after life? I am a strong believer in afterlife.
You can always pretend to be a stoic, while you can be a hedonist at heart. Aren’t we all? In a way stocisim is another form of hedonism. How so? A stoic ‘enjoys’ pain. So, anything enjoyed makes you a hedonist. So, once again both are the same.
Stoicism is enjoying excessive pain and hedonism is enjoying lack of pain. However, when a stoic suffers the pain, then he might become a martyr.
Gandhiji experimented with both, stoicism and hedonism. And he was still martyred.
Or was his experiment with hedonism that martyred him? Or was his hedonism actually stoicism?

Written by Karuna

September 26, 2006 at 3:33 am

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