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Law of Satisfaction or Law of Sandwich

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I have noticed that my journal (this blog, i.e.) has become really morbid. So, I guess it’s time for some humour. Here’s something which I had mused on a couple of years back. That is the last time that I remember having a fairly decent sense of humour. Nowadays even my humour is tinged with horror. Anyway, this is based on that law of satisfaction – that all basic economics studies teach us. That’s where I first
heard of it – in the classroom. The terminology escapes me at the moment, so I am calling it the Law of Sandwich!
Law of Sandwich from different perspectives
Economist on why the common man ate the sandwich
When I had the first bite, I was satisfying my immediate need. So, it was the most satisfactory bite.
When I had the second bite, I did not need it and it was a little less satisfactory.
And when I had the third bite, I was just being plain greedy or rather I was satisfying my urges and not my needs.
Political Scientist on why the politician ate the sandwich
When I had the first bite, I wanted more. So I had the second and I still wanted more.
Since it was so satisfying, I decided to take  the entire plateful of sandwiches.
So that I would have the power to eat as much as I wanted and give to those who asked for it.
Psychologist on why the sandwich was necessary
The first bite satisfied my physical appetite.
The second bite satisfied my sensual appetite.
The third bite satisfied my sexual appetite.
The lover in his own words –
"I ate the first bite when I looked at her and it was delicious.
I went for the second bite and it melted in my mouth.
I had the third bite as well, because she fed me, with her own hands, and it was the most loving bite of all."
The Computer Scientist on why he ate the sandwich –
I had the first bit, so that I could learn about bytes.
I had eight bits after that, in quick succession.
But the byte was not enough.
So I eat millions of bytes everyday.

Written by Karuna

October 11, 2006 at 5:13 pm

Posted in Humour

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