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Dear All,
I agree with u on all the issues which she has have mentioned. to quantify to what has been said…..Our police forces are not at all geared up to tackle the terrorist situation which put u in a perspective, the .303 rifle which the police was holding which all of us were seeing on the TV has be displayed in museum in almost all countries. Police was seeming helpless and not knowing what to do.They were ill equipped ,ill trained , ill dressed ( no uniforms) and they believed that no bullet is made to kill them.That’s why i think they get into cross fire without wearing even the bullet proofs.I served in UN and there they don’t pay even a single penny as inusurance money if u get shot in the Chest and Head ,cause there Rules of Engagement are very clear "Wear the bullet proofs and Helmet" whether u a uniformed personnel or a civilian official. Our police and security forces too need to have a strict rules of engagement to tackle these kind of situations.
It is high time that our police force should be trained to tackle terror and whereas they are bothered only about the collections they make after squeezing the common man.
It seems like a total failure of intelligence on all parts.we have a complacency in tackling situation like this this….it is sad.
It is a never ending crib but the guys sitting in the helm of affairs need to do a lot to restore the peace and harmony in the country and its tarnishing image. At the end……
Let us all stand up and pray for the victims of unfateful events of the Mumbai. Atleast those who have lost something precious may be able to derive some solace from our efforts.
With Best Wishes

On Fri, Nov 28, 2008 at 5:57 PM, Karuna Sanghvi <> wrote:

Dear friends,

I am furious. Are you?

If you re not then you should be.

These attacks have just proved how complacent we have become of our intenal security issues. Especially in Mumbai.

A time for questions.A terror cell was setup a few monhs ago and it operated right under the noses of tewestern region defense HQ and they knew nothing about it.

The ATS or Anti Terror Squad was a few minutes away from Nariman House, and they knew nothing.

How is it that inspite of the fact that all communications in Colaba are strictly monitored, still these groups simply formed their plan and carried it out in this cld-hearted a manner? A question I don’t want to answer ‘Were those Israeli families involved? Were they on a suicidal mission?Or were they fooled into helping these men! How did so many hole up, without being noticed?

Time to wake up! Our complacency will kill us one day! If you survived yesterday!
Karuna Sanghvi


Written by Karuna

November 29, 2008 at 9:17 am

Posted in News and politics

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