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Are you terrorized? Don’t be…

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The only aim of terrorists is to spread terror. And when we get frightened, they succeed in their aims.
Today, they have governments scared.
To give into fear with emotional reactions is to give into the terrorists aims.
The terrorist is not really interested in bringing down governments or seizing power. He is more interested in creteing fear among the people. He is more interested in those few hours of terror. After these few hours of terror, he has planted in you a seed from which fear grows.
The next time his agents threaten you with their demands, you may give in. He may want a body, a money, a piece of territory, some arms, and you may say, hey….if that can save lives, then lets negotiate.
And that is where the terrorists have succeeded in their aims. Their ability to hold nations at ransom for their demands have reached a point, where governments call in teams of negotiators.
Instead, let our repsonse be to harden up more. Let us take over their training camps and destroy them. Let us march into POK, and push back the international border. India can no longer afford to sit back and accpet old boundaries drawn in the wake of useless wars. Let Pakistan realize that POK inot their territory and they cannot use it for subversive purposes against the nation.
Let us not accept empty promises from the outgoing Bush government which sponsors the civilian governements in Pakistan, which is so willing to believe Pakistan. Pakistan history has demonstrated that civilian presidents cannot control the armed forces. Eventually the Pakistan army takes over the presidency. It may be no different this time. It is obvious the LeT is a dedicated and sponsored unit of the Pakistan armed forces. I am sure that these commnadoes would not have dared to attack had they not had the backing of the Pakistan navy and army. They could even have been airdropped somewhere inland. And we may never know.
What were the entry points of the terrorists who had housed up at Colaba for the past few months?
It will take months of investigations to know the actual truth.
In the meantime, India needs to stop relying on the US or any other country for help. If anything, it should ask the Chinese to intervene, and help in taking back POK. A task which is improbable without Chinese cooperation.

Written by Karuna

December 5, 2008 at 6:31 am

Posted in News and politics

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