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Peace in pieces….

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 Hindi poem that I had written in April 2007 and published to my rediff blog.(A literal translation in English follows the Hindi poem)

Aman (Peace)

Subhah ka suraj chaane laga tha 
Raat ka chandrama abhi latak raha tha 
Ujhla hua sa, bujha hua sa 
Dono saath saath aasman mein cha gaye the 

Lag raha tha jaise 
Dono mein ho rahi thi 
Zoron ki ladai 

Shaayad dono haar gaye 
Achanak chha gaye 
Aasman mein ghane kaale badal 

Ek toofan si aandhi aayee thi 
Ped bhi hil rahe the 
Hawaan ke jhonkein tez hue 
Phail gayi charon aur ek dehshat 

Dhyaan se dekha 
To yeh kya dekha? 
Yehi dekha ki 

Samjhauta ki gadi jal rahi hain patriyon par 
Aaj aman ke ghonsle mein lag gayee hain 
Ek ghinouni aag 


The morning sun was casting its glow
The night moon was still hanging on
Glowing a bit, fading a bit
Both spread across the sky together

Seemed as if
Between the both of them
A deadly duel was on

Perhaps both had lost
As suddenly cast across
In the sky, were deep black clouds

A huge troublesome storm had come 
Even the trees were shaking a bit
The wind was blowing strongly
Spread all around was terror

Looked carefully
What did I see?
This is what I saw

The Samjhauta Express was burning on the tracks of peace
Today, in the nest of peace
A dangerous fire has ensued


Written by Karuna

January 8, 2009 at 11:20 am

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