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Pawns in the BJP’s anti gandhi game?

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 The ‘pawns’ in the BJP’s anti-Gandhi game have played their parts as some BJP strategist may have planned. Any political observor will know that BJP’s long term plan was to use the youngest Gandhi, Varun against his cousin Rahul and/or the Congress. Family drama makes for great TRP and has deep drawn involvement in every part of our country. Look at the response that family soaps have got in the nation.  I am sure the entire UP is glued to their tv sets and reading up voraciously on who said what.
One would love to dismiss Varun Gandhi’s speech as that of an inexperienced politician. Indeed, a speech so full of hate should be dismissed as that of a psychotic’s raving and ranting. Said under influence? Whose influence? Reflective of the higher ups in BJP?
It is very sad that a British educated person should be full of such drivel. Perhaps that is where he picked up traces of racism – considering what is happening in Britain lately. Still, the resultant BJP reactions more then prove that this was a plan all along. Pitch a Gandhi v/s Gandhi. A scenario that the nation does not want now or anytime in the future. BJP lacked issues, so it created a controversy. And if the cd was doctored, I would not put it past BJP to have doctored it. A strong warning delivered to anti-hindutva forces in a manner that does not damage the party but certainly damages the Gandhi’s.
Political parties and ethics don’t mix. However, when it comes to such rampant disregard for the constitutional tenets of secularism and tolerance, it is much more then ethics at question.
An election campaign where issues such as development, employment and security have taken a back seat is hardly the kind of campaign that does any merit to this democracy.

Written by Karuna

March 24, 2009 at 8:58 am

Posted in News and politics

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