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Gandhi baiters fulfill their wishes

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The political drama continues to unfold.
Key actors – Varun Gandhi, Varun Gandhi and more Varun Gandhi. Talk about narcissism. Its never ending, and when coupled with the Oedipus Complex, it becomes a dangerous cocktail.
ACT I – Varun Gandhi decides to come out of his mother’s shadow and campaigns on his own. But momma had not tutored her little boy about political correctness, as Act 2 shows.
ACT II – Varun Gandhi makes inflammatory and passionate rhetorical speeches. He not only opposes the Muslims, but also his mom’s pet community, the Sikhs. Unfortunately, the extra vigilant EC gets a copy of the cd with all the hatred spewed out on it, in Varun’s own passionate voice.
ACT III – Varun reprimanded by EC and read out the code of conduct. FIR also filed against him. Varun pretends the cd was fake. That’s impossible, as no one else hates the ‘hand’ as much.  And then files for anticipatory bail.
Meanwhile, Priyanka, Rahul and momma react to the speech as a family divided. The political community grins, supports and attacks.
ACT IV – Varun gives up all pretense and under the malicious but able tutelage of Advani, he surrenders. On the way, he ensures that people are brought to Pilibhit in large numbers. Even as the court orders a two day remand pending trial, stone throwing and riots take place. People attack the police. Maneka, the momma now rushes to Pilibhit, to  placate people. Why didn’t she travel with him? Surely not for security reasons? Surely, she knew of the well planned attempt to riot. Strange gets stranger.
BIG QUESTION – Why all the drama? The misled young man may never realize how much the BJP has enjoyed putting a modern day Gandhi  behind bars. And that Bal Thackeray probably feels vindicated. Its a field day for all Gandhi baiters who sought revenge, over the years. The drama which might just swing votes in his favour (unfortunately enough), if he contests the election. Else, the people pulling his strings, will cash in as the votes pour in. While our little martyr sits in agony at his inability to contest, let alone win, an election. 
An apology from him is still pending. An apology to the people of the country for the subtle threats that he made with RSS and other right wing support.

Written by Karuna

March 28, 2009 at 3:01 pm

Posted in News and politics

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