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On election campaigns

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  •  Campaigning on the internet is in. Parties are issuing online adverts. But is the EC monitoring these? Adverts have to stop before certain days when the campaigning ends. With the election dates spread out over two months, this time will vary from state to state from phase to phase. So, will the internet ads come? These are accessible from anywhere, anytime? Will the UP no campaign period overlap with J&K campaign period? Thus UP voters will see ads when they should not be available on a public media.
  •  The Shiv Sena and MNS are taking apart the ‘aachaar sanharita’ (nothing to do with pickles), or the electoral code, page by page in public lectures.
  •  From songs to fashion parades the parties have it all figured out. Congress had patented Jai ho. BJP came up with its own jingle which really predicted a doomed world with all kinds of illness ho and Shiv Sena’s classic reply on Kai ho. More entertainment for voters then issues.
  • Sonia Gandhi seems to be wearing more saffron lined and red saris while campaigning. Funny, one would think that those were opposition colours. Perhaps her designer supports the saffron brigade. By the way duos of designers came up with interesting outfits for leaders. One designer had designed a peace sari for Sonia with doves and all. While Mode got a Middle Eastern terrorist’s bandhgala, cummerbund and flowing skirts. Eerie. Also reflective of their styles of campaigning. Modi is spouting vitriol while, Sonia waves out peacefully. The olive branch is not needed; I guess she grew up on the olive…so on! 
  •  Talking of colours and clothes, a leading clothes line retailer and designer sponsored the not so hot fashion show of 2009. All the dress rounds had participants decked in saffron and red. No prizes for guessing who the hottest girl out there was? Priyanka Chopra of course. She danced to it. The contestants lacked the zzing and international appeal that Aishwarya and Sushmita or even Lara had. Time to stop spending crores on these events. Only the ramp walkers benefit, really. Consumers are not buying.
  • Other candidates are full of gimmicks from kissing the ‘mitti’ to flying in balloons, they will stop at nothing. No wonder, businessmen and banks get looted every other day. The media is full of it. The pollsters have come up with their own gimmicks with vote guru and other election superheros and paraphernalia  The election is costing the voter more then the EC can ever imagine.  

An election which will be held in the shadow of hate speech, violence, death threats and more is hardly what the nation ever wanted. Let us just pray that it gets over without any spectacular suicide attempt or any other loss.


Written by Karuna

April 6, 2009 at 8:49 am

Posted in News and politics

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