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 Indian elections determinants include
1. Personality politics – Dynasty and Star appeal – Sanjay Dutt, in his Munna bhai style, made it seem that going to jail or suffering for subversive activities is good or heroic. If it happened to him, it is ok. This could have a negative impact. While sometimes, police atrocities are a fact, in his case, he should take a responsible attitude and avoid making his jail yatras sound heroic. Mayawati ensured that she presided over Shivaji Park on a throne and pretended that she was in a darbar. She even received gifts of gold and silver from admirers.
2. Cultural and Religious factors – Islamic / Hindu / Christian parties – BJP’s election is based on rath yatra – a concept meant only for gods. It is reflective of what some of these leaders think of themselves as – ‘avatars’ of Hindu gods, perhaps.
3. Regional factors – Yesterday, Raj Thackeray demanded a 100% reservation for locals…based on the report that the Himachal Pradesh government is sanctioning government projects only if there is an 80% reservation for locals. His definition of locals may extend only to 100%  marathi manoos. And this was interspersed by some mudslinging on BJP for encouraging north Indians.
Most of these are non- issues as far as progress and development are concerned. What is the basis on which the Indian electorate will select? What will they vote for? Who will they vote for should be determined not by the polish, or lack of it, in a candidate but on what he talks about and what his thoughts are.



Written by Karuna

April 10, 2009 at 7:35 am

Posted in News and politics

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