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Post elections, it is the electoral promises.

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Congress victory was predictable. Margins were low. Still Congress did not get enough on its own weight. DMK and NCP are still the balancers in the UPA led government. So the kingmakers will come from these parties and will still be the king really. The Congress gained new grounds in Rajasthan and Delhi. Started recovering in UP. UP voted for the Gandhis. That showed. NE treated it with a pinch of salt. Karnataka and Gujarat are still BJP bastions. Two states where the state government must change before the people vote different. In Gujarat the vote makes no difference. BJP has a fiefdom there. The Bengal’s anti-Left vote and Bihar’s vote has an element of change in it.

The task of winning elections is relatively easy compared to living upto electoral promises. The Congress has made a lot of promises. It will hopefully have the entire five years to keep them. Hopefully its focus will be on development and not on petty politics like that of Mayawati or hopefully it will treat opposition with dignity rather then ignorant exercises of power. One really wonders whether power will corrupt any further though.


Written by Karuna

May 17, 2009 at 11:52 am

Posted in News and politics

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