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Book Review – ‘Almost Single”

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Almost Single. – The book almost takes off…
Great title
A sari clad leg swinging with a sneaker…hmmn interesting cover.
Theme – A single woman in urban India. Thought provoking.
Reviews – ‘The mantra of all single women in India.’
                ‘She is a craze’.
I picked up the book, thinking it would be a good read. Two chapters later, I sighed. An old-fashioned Mills & Boon, the book just refused to take off. When one is forced to read about a grown up woman dealing with issues about men in a teenage fashion – well…let’s just say that I might as well watch a soap on the Disney channel. A superficial level of gut reaction with the supposedly pretty heroine going for a binge party, another single to listen to all her stupid pranks, and her sad about to be divorced friend who just messed up her life. A reflection on how our urbane lives lack any depth and revolve around the social to-dos and parties. No need to think much. Cattiness personified, it reads like the diary of a socialite, who by the way, has to work for a living. Sigh! Halfway through, she bores us with all the details of how she waited on the royalty and served as a personal maid minus the western style uniform. The book resorts to cheap tricks at times, when she attempts crass humor about the fat boss’s extra-marital activities. One small joke which sort of covers twenty odd pages. It gets worse, when she keeps trying to target the men. But she still couldn’t marry him till she appears in a towel – in front of his boss and practically talks him into taking up the older proposal. The boss in the meantime stands through the spectacle before he finally excuses himself. Another tale of how to trap the eligible and rich bachelor? This by the way, reminds me of another lady I knew in the hostel business. She too is rumored to roam around in towels. Guests, beware! I just hope it’s not a part of their job description. Worse, the book was badly edited, with spelling errors, punctuation & goof-ups. Hey, did the publisher want to publish it? Or was she or he just another one of those contacts who owed her a favor?
To be fair, the book almost takes off…she touches on some risqué issues, but does not explore them. She almost there and then poof – nothing!

Written by Karuna

November 2, 2009 at 3:10 pm

Posted in Books

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