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Anecdote: For the love of God?!!! Or O for God’s sake!!!

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One day, a bhikshu visited the town at the bottom of the hills where he meditated. After a while he came to a barber’s shop. He watched the barber for a while. He watched how he interacted with his customers and how delighted each of them were. The barber’s love and goodness amazed him. The holy man felt his heart fill with love towards the barber. He wanted to give the barber something, but his alms were not enough. He came up with an idea.

He went into the barber’s salon and said that he wanted a shave. But that he couldn’t pay for it.
The barber bowed in deep respect as is the custom when a holy man visits.
He then waived his fees and suggested it would be an honor to give the  holy man a shave.

After a few days,  the barber met the holy man again near an old banyan tree.
The holy man handed him a bag of jewels and said that these were found at the site he meditated under the tree. He told the barber to accept it as a token of appreciation for the shave.

The barber was overwhelmed. But he refused.
The bhikshu, stunned and asked him how he could refuse such beautiful jewels!

The barber said, that there are no thank you’s or payments for the gift of love. And his service for the holy man had been one such service – a service born out of love.
The holy man then said, that in that case, the barber would truly be blessed with the love of his near and dear ones for the rest of his life. The holy man added that he was now truly blessed with the divine love that he had gone to the hills to find. But it was only among people that he found it!


Written by Karuna

February 4, 2011 at 12:47 pm

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