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“Sixty seconds of my life and they were unbearable to you.  60 seconds.” – the most famous dialogue in Indian cinema, of late.

Guzarish is an insult – an insult to every disabled person, who is alive and suffering. As per the character of ‘Ethan Mascarenhas’, a disabled person, who is so full of self-pity and is unable to bear the suffering should have the right to euthanasia. That every mind trapped in a disabled body has the right to decide whether to live or die – or as an Indian citizen, to abrogate Right 21. And what about those  with a disabled mind? Do they know what Right 21 is? Do they not have the right to live? Who decides for them? They cannot even decide.
Can the ‘Ethan Mascarenhas’  of this world make these kind of choices and set precedents for themselves or others? Guzarish set to bring out the beauty and the pain of suffering, but ended up being the worst form of insult to life and all that it stands for.


Written by Karuna

March 4, 2011 at 4:52 am

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